Yippy…Welcome to the New Year Folks!!!

Am kicking off 2013 with a very interesting couple TOSIN + MARTIN, whom I met at a wedding in the winter of 2012.

Tosin and I met at a hotel in Hertfordshire where i was photographing a bridal wedding preparation of her very dear friend TITI, who was getting married on the day, she was there to lend a helping hand as her friend prepares for the day before departure to the church for the ceremony.

Tosin contacted me shortly after l had documented her friend’s wedding, which was featured on my blog (TITI + YEMI) back in November of 2012, if you missed it please check it, and MARTIN (Her Fianc√©) happened to be the Best Man at the same wedding.

While Tosin and I discussed what she wanted for her wedding day at a coffee bar during our first meeting, Martin had other plans, which he asked me not to let out of the bag. He planned to go on ‘One Knee’ while i secretly photograph the whole proceedings like a paparazzi. without Tosin know a thing about it.

Martin had it all worked out, so on the day, the plan was to whisk unsuspecting Tosin to our planned secret location and present her with the ring after popping the question and i was to capture all the proceeding without Tosin spotting me.

I arrived pretty early and Martin and I were secretly texting each other before hand while I made my way there. On arrival, I had spotted the couple from afar and Martin had given a secret hand signal to commence, as soon as I whipped out my zoom lens (A 70-200mm) after the first two shots which caught Martin pulling out the ring and going on one knee…ALAS! Eagle eye TOSIN spotted me from my hiding place, (OMG Am Busted!LoL) we all laughed aterwards….Tosin was quite emotional though but very happy.
She could not believe her eyes, I had to let her take a breather from the ‘shock’ before we could carry on with the rest of the shoot,
Tosin later told me she had no incline but was just wandering why Martin could turn up from Birmingham the previous night where he’s based and ask them to go out on a cold morning with prior arrangement.

I must commend both couple for being great sports, despite the freezing cold I enjoyed clicking all the away as the two love birds could not get enough of each other…..Hahaha

Am so looking forward to their wedding coming up soon, Tosin I must say is a very meticulous lady who pays great attentions to details..I can not wait for the D-day.

Congratulations to TOSIN & MARTIN on their Engagement

Here some photos from the session:

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