Ifé & Boyéjo.

It’s not every time you’re invited to a wedding that you end up shooting the wedding as the emergency ‘official photographer’

Just when l thought I had wrapped up my 2013 wedding session then came along IFE & BOYEJO

I was invited to the couple’s wedding in late December 2013 by a good friend who was the official makeup artist, on arrival, I waited at the lobby to be ushered to a seat, when my friend came rushing, and informed me the bride would like to see me in her dressing room, I met a rather very upset bride..” I hear you’re a photographer’ she asked ‘…can you PLEASE take over the shooting of my wedding?” I asked what happened to her ‘official photographer?’ ..Knowing fully well that the wedding was a White & Traditional Nigerian Wedding rolled into one….

Ife said she was NOT happy with what’s been going on all day..the gentleman was 3 hours behind schedule, she was not happy with all his compositions, poses and shootings at the church…

Well, I said I live 6 miles away from the venue, I would go home and get my gear and do all l can…

I was back in no time and commenced shooting a wedding I never prepared nor planned for…I later saw the photographer, and to my surprise the gentleman was shooting the wedding with his 12 years old son as his assistant (second Shooter), a kit lens, and a pop-up flash, while his video-man was recording the wedding with a basic camcorder…l introduced myself to him, shook hands and let him do his thing while l did mine. At the end of the wedding he asked for my contact details and we swapped cards.

A very emotional ceremony it was…
A little birdie told me IFE (IFE which Means:LOVE in Nigerian Yoruba Language) would be moving to Houston, Texas where her Husband BOYEJO resides, am sure her friends, families and colleagues will surly miss her a great deal.

Here is wishing the lovely couple a very HAPPY MARRIED life.

Here are some frames:

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