When my dear friend and photographer TENEE ATTOH rang me a few weeks ago inquiry if l could link her with someone who could assist her as a second shooter for a very intimate and family wedding she was shooting for a family friend, l told her I had no one, the guy l would normally recommend was out of the country for a shoot.

Tenee and I had been friends on Facebook for a while but had never met in person.

I’ve always liked TENEE’s style of photography especially her portraits and travel photography, l asked her to call me later in the day to see if l could get her another contact to second shoot for, during the chat she told me the wedding was taking place in South London at a venue called:’THE ASYLUM’…now that got me curios and l goggled the venue right there on my laptop and l was like: ‘Tenee, am doing this with you..’

I was blown away by the history of the place, it was very artistic and looks like a bombed out building from WW11. Built in 1827, and still retains its original internal design, it was a massive shift from what am use to, I was blown away because l enjoy shooting in ‘unusual’ places.

Anyway, arrived at the venue in the morning and met up with the groom, (DOMINIC) who was there with few of his friends putting finishing touches to the chapel, l was curious why this ‘venue’ and Dominic told me, his fiance CHANTAL found it and chose the venue.

A close friend of the couple later told me CHANTAL & DOMINIC love all things ‘classic’ they love to do their own things differently, despite the rain on the day, it did’nt dampen their spirit, the couple gave me the freedom to do my own thing. The reception was at the THE BIG RED PIZZA Bus Deptford, South London. l had to leave a bit early shortly after the couple’s arrival for another event that evening.

It was fun working alongside Tenee on this wedding and I want to wish CHANTAL & DOMINIC a very happy married life.

Here are my favorite frames:

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