Pre-wedding photo shoots are meant to be fun and exciting it’s great when you have a couple who can pull it off Just like BIM & ELDRED.

Last month l finally got the chance to photographed BIM + ELDRED’s pre-wedding session after series of rescheduling due to their ever very busy schedule.

The couple who met two years ago at a church, and ironically they work for the same Bank in the city of London but at different branches.

I finally met up with BIM & ELDRED as they landed at the London City Airport on arrival from Italy on a short break and some last minute wedding shopping. We then decided to carry on the photo session from the airport, right into the night.

Am looking forward to the couple’s Traditional Nigerian Wedding Ceremony and their White Wedding next week, both ceremonies are taking place in London and Essex respectively…am eagarly looking forward to it.

Here are my favorite frames:


It’s been a very busy year for me I must confess, it’s been a struggle to stay on top of my Photo Library with weddings waiting to be edited and sent off to printers….I still have quite a few more weddings to shoot right into the winter season…But am sure to stay on top of it all in no time…

Anyway, when I got an anonymous call from Lagos by a complete stranger to shoot a certain wedding for a couple flying in from Nigeria to the UK for their wedding about a month ago, it came to me as a surprise, at first I thought it was one of those ‘Calls’ you get from people just mocking you about, within 48 hours of swapping emails, I was booked and paid in full, all I had was the first names couple. After which I never heard from the ‘Agent/Contact’ anymore. I never get to meet the lovely couple until the morning of their wedding here in London.

It’s a common practice for Nigerian couples or families to hire more than one photographer for a wedding, and I was informed by my contact that they also had another photographer covering the event for the couple along side myself…As a matter of fact someone told me there were situations where you have 5 to 7 photographers covering one single wedding in Nigeria due to the large number of guests, and some members of the extended families actually wanting to have their own ‘WEDDING ALBUMS’ of the couple for keeps. This is not the case in Europe….
I had never been in a situation like that since shooting wedding but hey there’s always a first time….but I knew with a lot of understanding and professionalism I should be able to work with whoever was billed to shoot on the day…and on the day it was quite smooth as I anticipated…

I did eventually get to speak to the Groom 48 hours to the big day after their arrival in the UK, a lovely soft spoken gentleman by the name of: DEJI, he told he was aware I was photographing his wedding and was kind enough to send me the necessary itineraries despite his very tight schedule.

So, on the big I met up with him at his hotel by Stansted Airport, and later drove a couple of miles to meet his lovely Bride: OMOWALE , who was equally as charming as can be.

The weather was a perfect one for any wedding, the church ceremony was very brief and exciting, then on to the very colorful reception at the Parkland Quendon Hall in Essex.
Friends and families had flown in from across the globe to witness the couple say ‘I DO’…

The highlight of the day was the surprise musical appearance by two of Africa’s and Nigerian Afrobeat/Hip Hop International Super Stars: Ice Prince Zamani and WizKid. WizKid is commonly referred to as the ‘Justin Bieber’ of Africa and when he turned up straight from the USA, the guests could not get enough of him, same goes for Ice Prince.

This was such a fun filled wedding, where every one had a fantastic time..including my very self…the wedding party did’nt wind down until midnight….

I’ll like to wish OMOWALE & DEJI the very BEST as they start a new phase in their amazingly blessed life…Congratulations Guy!

Here’s are some frames from the wedding:

PS:I’d like thank Michael Tube who volunteered to help on the day not forgetting young Walé Adebanjo….you did all the hard work
Guys without you I wonder how I’d have been able to cope…GRACIAS!

Nike - August 21, 2014 - 7:07 pm

You are just so good at what you do. Perfect way to truly tell the story of the new beginning many more years to come. Keep it up my guy and there’s no limit.

Doubra Yerin Ebimoghan - August 20, 2014 - 5:02 pm

Awesome job ma friend, you caught all the moments that matters a lot.

Michael Émy - August 20, 2014 - 12:44 pm

I am wowed


Love they say knows NO boundaries, little did REBECCA + DEJI who hails from Zimbabwe and Nigeria respectively never knew destiny was to bring them together.

One night after Deji and his friends had hit the town on a Friday night in Sheffield in the Midlands, Rebecca and her friends were out and about too, when Deji and Rebecca locked eyes in the midst of the crowds while on a walk about.

As the night was gradually winding down Deji ran into Rebecca AGAIN, this time he said he had to make a move, got Rebecca’s ‘Digits’ as he puts it..from then on it was calls and counter calls….The couple eventually could not do without each was whirlwind romance from then on…

Now…that was 8 years ago…

I did not get the chance to meet the Chesterfield based couple after they hired me about a year ago. But I did eventually get to talk to the couple via Skype about a week to their wedding.

They say ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’, I asked Deji apart from falling in Love with ‘Becky’ as he calls her, Deji said Becky is such a superb cook and that’s one attribute he found special about her.

REBECCA + DEJI took their wedding vows at the Ring Wood Hall Hotel in Chesterfield, families and friends were there to celebrate the day with them.

I would like to wish REBECCA + DEJI the very Best and a very HAPPY MARRIED life as they start a new phase in their lovely life:

Here’s how I captured your day:

Saliu Ere - August 7, 2014 - 5:53 pm

Kevin Kevin Awesome pics bro

Adekunle Adebanjo - August 7, 2014 - 4:19 pm

Nice one Kevin.

Ope - August 5, 2014 - 10:35 pm

OMG!!! You guys look so amazing!!! May God bless your union!!!

Next stop is the Twin babies bus stop lol


I met ADELAIDE on Instagram, about a year ago, after she followed me, she once told me ‘Kevin, if my boyfriend EVER goes on one knee, you will be the man to document our big day’

Rolled forward 2014, when FEMI her boyfriend eventually popped the question, I saw the huge ring on her finger via her instagram page, I was one of those numerous followers who sent her a congratulatory message.

After a few chats on the phone, the couple and I planned to meet up, and a date was fixed for the photo shoot…

We shot the prewed in central London and the second phase was on a coastal area in Essex. Interestingly when we arrived at the seafront it was like someone had been there a night before and wrote the word ‘I LOVE YOU’ boldly on the shore, it was just one of those spontaneous moments where the ‘prop’ was just there for you at the right time. We also ran into a lovely couple who allowed us use their 1971 classic Ford Zodiac for one of our sessions….

During a break, the couple took me out to lunch and they gave me an insight into how they met 7 years ago, they started out as friends, but kicked started their lovely relationship 3 years ago….the rest they say is history….

Femi’s parent hail form Nigeria while Adelaide’s are Ghanian both Londoners will be jetting off to the lovely coast of Ghana in West Africa for their wedding very soon.

ADELAIDE + FEMI are such a lovely couple.

Here are some frames:


CONGRATULATIONS to IJEOMA + NORRIS who recently tied the knot.

The couple who met 8 years ago during their days as medical students at Kings College, London finally became Mr & Mrs.

IJEOMA + NORRIS got married at the St Anne Church in Wordsworth and lovely reception was at the Chelsea Harbor Hotel, in London. The couple had friends and families from across the globe to grace the wonderful occasion. The ceremony was short and brief except for the fact that i was given a very limited access by the officiating minister. Shortly after the ceremony l informed the IJEOMA about my restrictions and she told me ” Kevin don’t worry about that, the most important thing is that am MARRIED’….that actually lifted my spirit which had earlier been dampened by the lack of movement imposed on me by the Minister, I had to shoot from one angle or the balcony with my zoom lens through out the ceremony.

The couple and l had built an amazing friendship over the year, since they commissioned me to photograph their wedding about a year ago. I attended the wedding like one of the ‘guest’ except for a fact that l had to whip out my camera to capture the events as they unfolds.

The couple were eulogized by everyone who had the opportunity to say a few words.

The music was one of the best I’ve heard in a long time it was so good I did’nt want to leave neither were the guest….

It’s was simply an amazing day!

IJEOMA + NORRIS I’d like to THANK you for letting me be part of your special day, and I wish you two HAPPINESS all the way!

Here’s how I witnessed your day: