Late year I was commissioned by good friend and colleague FOLU to photograph his wedding to fiance ANGELA come April 2014.
The couple got married last week.

We had some prewedding photo session last year just before the summer was over and it was a fun filled shoot.

I shall be posting some photos from ANGELA & FOLU‘s lovely wedding in a few day, but meanwhile here are some pictures from their prewed l shot late year.

Here are some of my favorites:


Last year’s (2013) summer a gentleman from Manchester rang me and introduced himself as SOLOMON, he said his fiancé YETUNDE has been following me on Instagram and would like me to document their wedding come summer 2014.

We talked in details on what they wanted, and after a few paperwork via emails he instantly paid me a deposit. I did not get to meet the couple in person until March 2014 when they were down in London for some wedding shopping.

A date was fixed for their pre-wedding photo and when they arrived we met up at their hotel less than a mile from me, and over lunch we talked about the whole wedding preparation and how the plans were coming along.

Now the interesting thing about YETUNDE & SOLOMON is that they’ve known each other as far back as when they were 3years old, way back to their days in the same neighborhood and even attending the same nursery school..WHAO!…. Solomon once joked they’ve known each other ‘FROM BIRTH’ that they were more or less destined for each-other, which l strongly agree, I have never met any couple who are so into each other like Yetunde and Solomon.

We set off for the shoot a day later and shot over two days due to not so favorable weather and l enjoyed every second l spent behind the lens with these unique and lovely couple.

Interestingly we never really scouted for locations, the shoots in the woods were done while we stopped for a bugger along a lonely road, and l asked the cafe owner if we could use the back of his cafe and he obliged and we just carried on and got sucked into the forest before we went on to the seaside the next day, Yetunde & Solomon were quite spontaneous and allowed me do my own thing…it was fun all the way through, they were all lovey dovey through out the photo session…

Some of the photographs will go into their guest signing book which l give as standard to my clients.

Am so excited and looking forward to YETUNDE & SOLOMON’s wedding in a few weeks.

Here are some of my favorite frames:


I promised to bring you the second part of ERI & KENNY‘s wedding (The White Wedding) which took place on the same day as their very colorful and lovely Traditional Nigerian Wedding in Slough.

Here is wishing ERI & KENNY all the very BEST as they commence a new phase in their lives as Man and Wife.

See some of my favorite frames:

Nigeria Entertainment News - April 9, 2014 - 7:11 am

Beautiful Photos


Last week I was privileged and very happy to photograph ERI & KENNY‘s Nigerian Traditional Wedding ceremony in Slough.

The TWO-PART-CEREMONY which had the Traditional and the White Wedding Ceremony scheduled on the same day, this goes to show the importance of the African or the Nigerian Culture despite the influence of the western ways and cultures.

The ceremony was very colorful and very emotional especially for ERI, whom we were told was a ‘Daddy-Darling-Daughter’ and Dotting Dad seeing his little baby grow into a mature woman and getting married was just too emotional for him and for her.

The lovely couple meet 4 years ago at a wedding ceremony where Kenny was the Best-man and Eri was one of the Bridesmaid…..the rest they say is history….

Will be bringing you photos from ERI & KENNY’s White Wedding soon…

Meanwhile Please Enjoy Some Frames From The Traditional Wedding:

Innocent - April 6, 2014 - 11:40 pm

Nice post.

Ayo IShutter - April 1, 2014 - 7:54 am

Well thought out angles and creative framing in use here. I agree with Lawe Fillips. Still admiring your work o. well done.

Lawe Filips - March 31, 2014 - 7:57 pm

Good colourful work bro.


After all the cold and windy London weather, it’s been really hard to book a date for some of my client’s prewedding photos this year. But when IMELDA rang me about a possible nice weather forecast, l couldn’t wait to get going.

I was so excited to shoot IMELDA & OZED‘s second part of their two-part-prewedding-photo-session.

Like I normally do, l would drive to locations and explored areas I’d love to photograph my client prior to the day, take a few shots, discuss it with the couple and they let me know what they think or, if they do have any particular location in mind, I would check it out prior to us doing the shoot, this saves me the hassle and time dragging the couple up and down in search of a spot when we eventually meet up for prewedding photo shoot.

IMELDA & OZED are GENUINELY awesome client…BOY! such lovely couple, they gave me the freedom to express myself with my camera at my own will, wishing for more B&G’s like Imelda and Ozed, I really enjoyed this shoot just like they did too.

IMELDA & OZED, I can’t wait to get some of these photos into your GUEST SIGNING BOOK, just before your wedding day in a couple of months.

Guys, l love the plans you two have for your wedding. Your guests are going to love it (and so am I!) so looking forward..can’t wait!

I hope you like some of my Favorite Frames:

PS: …THANKS for the ‘slap-up-meal’ after the shoot, you guys are just AWESOME!..

and a BIG THANK YOU to my good friend SUNNY LADI and my Darling Daughter KATHLYN O. OBOSI, for their AMAZING General Assistance with some of the props during the shoot.

Stacy Perekeme - March 11, 2014 - 10:38 pm

Beautiful. Wish you could do my pre-wedding shoot too…