Congratulations to BIM + ELDRED who got married in September this year.

The lovely couple who signed the dotted line at the Wesley’s chapel and Leysian Mission, Old Street, London. And their colorful reception was at the Lake View Marquee in Essex.

The couple and I have built a very close bond since meeting them late last year, and we’ve maintained the friendship after the wedding ceremony.

Am so excited to share this wedding…

Here is wishing MR + MRS ROGERS the very BEST and a HAPPY MARRIED LIFE.

PS: This lovely wedding was PLANNED and COORDINATED by my lovely wife (Ego) INDIGO Catering & Event Services (07950133167/07963174561)

Here are some of my favorite frames:

Ego - October 30, 2014 - 10:16 am

Kev, this is a very beautiful wedding and you are the perfect person to document this, and THANK you for working with me on the wedding, am not just a good WIFE ….. am also a good wedding planner too, lol


I first met OLU sometime last year when he contacted me wanting to know if l could photograph his planned ‘secret proposal’ to his sweetheart TORERA, after a few weeks l did, then followed by their civil ceremony, then preweddding photo session which I shot back in August….now am all set to shoot their wedding in a matter of days….whao! What a journey…

It feels like like I’ve known the the fun loving couple for years. TORERA + OLU met about two years ago at a wedding in London.

I’ve built a great friendship over the course of photographing them.

It was a long day of shooting with lots of fun and laughter….can’t wait to photograph these two again…

Here are some of my favorites frames:


Had the privilege of photographing JOCELYN + OLATOKUNBO‘s wedding, last weekend.

Prior to that, the couple had their lovely traditional Nigeria wedding a few days before this, and l had the honor of documenting the colorful ceremony as well, I will be blogging that later in the month.

The wedding was solemnized at the Alfege Church in Greenwich, and after which we decided to do some photos around the area. Greenwich is such a buzz with tourist trooping in and out of every nukes and crannies because of it’s rich history. Tourist would whip out their cellphone to snap the couple as they pose for photographs, in-fact some tourist even asked the newly wed if they could take a photo with them…which they kindly obliged….

I had an amazing time with JOCELYN + TOKUNBO.

Here is wishing the lovely couple the very BEST as they start a new chapter in their life.

Here are some frames from the beautiful wedding:


A few weeks ago I was in the lovely city of Leicester to document DEOLA + TAIWO‘s wedding, but back in August the lovely couple was in London for their pre-wedding photo-shoot during a weekend break.

Little did I know DEOLA had been a follower on Instagram with another alias, the husband would reveal this to me later during the session. And sort of like my work (Thanks D)

It was my very first proper physical meeting with the couple, after series of chat on the phone as they plan their wedding.

The couple who had been friends for some years, according to DEOLA, he never knew Taiwo was ever going to ask her out, he was always taking her round each time she was in the UK on vacation…a sort of her ‘Chaperone’…

A little ‘birdie’ told me on one of DEOLA’s vacations to the UK, her birthday actually came up and TAIWO spared nothing to make the day grand…but the ‘NICE MAN’ had his plans up his sleeves…

When Deola eventually move to Leicester for her Masters Program three years ago was when the ‘MASTER MATHEMATICIAN’ ‘broke the ice’ and it was ‘whirlwind’ romance from then on for the couple. Interestingly Taiwo actually hold a Ist Class Degree in Mathematics from a UK University..Little wonder his Uni Kept him to pass on his ‘ingenuity’ to their students.

Friends always tease the couple about giving birth to a ‘GENIUS’ anytime soon since the hubby teaches Mathematics at the University and the Wife holds a Masters Degree in Management…both combination should produce nothing but the next ‘Einstein’…..Hahahahah….

Will be posting their wedding soon…

Here are my fav from the Pre-wedding Session:

Kofoworola Imafidon - October 1, 2014 - 7:13 pm

Awww, soo cute.
God bless their union.



The lovely and fun loving couple recently signed the dotted lines at the picturesque Northbrook Park in Surrey.

Met CHEBA + VICTOR earlier this year and during our first meeting I just knew I was going to photograph the couple. Victor kept me reeling in laughter during the meeting.

I arrived at the couple’s chalet early in the morning, weather was lovely, the apartment was all agog and lively with bridesmaids and groomsmen all getting ready.

The entire ceremony took place on the park. Cheba + Victor are really fun loving couple, they gave me the opportunity to create some beautiful wedding photographs…they worked with me back to back and that’s what l love.

The solemnization so on point and I’ve got to say, I’ve never seen a ‘first kiss’ as lovely and ‘lingering’ like that of CHEBA + VICTOR, the couple really showed their guests they were truly fun loving and so in love…

Victor’s speech was very hilarious, the entire guest had a fab time, the music was great and you’d think for a Sunday wedding would wrap up early, but NO…guests filled the dance floor right into midnite

The couple had an absolutely brilliant first dance. It was really entertaining for everybody and they totally went for it. Well done guys!

Here is wishing CHEBA + VICTOR a HAPPY MARRIED life and all the very BEST in the future.

…these are some of my favorite images

Tera'z Photography/photoartistry - October 11, 2014 - 1:43 pm

Awesome work

Abiola Olabisi Kolawole - September 24, 2014 - 8:54 am

really lovely